Safety Solutions

Every Business organisations should give importance to the safety of their people , “Safety comes first” always. Organisations support their employees like family and should care about their safety. It should be a part of the culture for all firms. Our HSEQ(Health Safety Environment Quality) trainers can minimise safety risks through continuous punctilious training thereby empower the workforce to easily identify and handle unsafe situations and regulate a safe working environment. Our team will keep contact with you and ensure that workers continued safety until the project is complete. When you move to a new project site our HSEQ persons can conduct a worksite risk assessment to identify potential risks and give solutions for the same.

Our HSEQ team is capable to

  • Develop ,implement and evaluate health and safety programs and strategies
  • Inspect workplaces to ensure that equipment, materials ,production processes do not present a safety or health hazards to employees or to the general public
  • Investigate health and safety complaints, Spills of hazardous chemicals, outbreaks of diseases or poisonings and workplace accidents
  • Provide consultation and deliver training programs to employers and employees on issues of health,enviormental protection or workplace safety

We uses deep industry expertise and rigorous analysis to help our clients to achieve practical results with real impact. As a result, you can trust us to provide high-quality, consistent training and development at every level of your organisation – anywhere in the world. The major differentiator of OTPL team is their skill to deliver training solutions in all major Indian Languages and English despite of your Goal ,Industry and audience.This is made possible by our strong team of subject matter experts from different industries.